Wellness is a concept which is much in vogue. A word that appears in advertisements of beautiful people meditating on a tropical white sand beach. Wellness is a word that connotes something that we all wish for. A dictionary will tell you that wellness is the physical state of good health as well as the mental ability to enjoy and appreciate being healthy and fit. Another definition says that wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle. There is probably no universally accepted definition of wellness, and that is just as well, the universe has no absolutes; it offers an abundance of everything and anything to all. So be bold and explore wellness in all of its ramifications. Let us take you on that journey...

We all have the desire to discover Self. We all have the desire to connect with something larger. Yoga or wellness retreats are ideal venues for taking that step into Self discovery.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua offer beautiful, peaceful and natural settings for wellness retreats. This setting will bring you closer to the connection between individual and universal consciousness, and will make your visit to these two countries, unforgettable.

  • Costa Rica is a magical country, and its magic will (can) envelop and take you places you’ve never been. It is a country flanked by the healing power of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; a country energized by a north-south volcanic chain, and a land where the light of the sun comes as if charged with soothing your soul. This is a place of wellness. Why not embark on a quest and live it for yourself?